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How to Exit Avast Antivirus PC: 4 Solutions

by | Dec 16, 2020

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“How to exit avast during startup?” This is a common question from people who use the innovative antivirus software of AVG. The good thing is that this problem can be easily solved if you know how to close avast during startup.

Sometimes Avast will be annoying. It blocks your favorite websites, prevents some programs from running, or interrupting your user experience.

Although it runs automatically once the pc boot up, you can shut Avast antivirus on your own while not uninstalling the program. That is why in this article we are going to explain how to shut down avast safely.

So, how to close Avast antivirus on PC?

 WARNING: Closing Avast is going to left your laptop unprotected. Only proceed if you understand the danger. You’ll always enable the antivirus once everything has been done.

How to exit Avast using task manager (9 steps)

In this article, you’ll learn the way to shut Avast antivirus by disabling its self-defense feature. That way, the program may be killed via Windows Task Manager and only run if your self launches it.

  1. Right-click on the Avast system trayicon and then Open the Avast user interface.

2. Click on the Menu


3. choose Settings.


4. Then Troubleshooting.


5. We are going to disable the feature of Self-Defense by clicking on the Enable checkbox. 


6. After selecting OK for confirmation, Avast is free to close.


7. Go to Taskbar, Right-click, and select Task Manager.


8. Search for Avast Antivirus, and click End taskto kill the process.


9. The Avast logo shouldn’tappear on the system tray This means the program has completely been taken out from the background program list.


Prevent Avast from running during windows startup

Once the self-defense mode was diactivated, you’ll be able to also prevent Avast from running from startup. That way, the startup method may be accelerated significantly.

So, to the ones that  can’t disable avast startup , open Task Manager, find the AvLaunch service, and click on Disable.

Prevent Avast from running from startup

 It would be best if you kept in mind, That you’ll continually run Avast anytime you wish. By applying the settings on top, Avast can act like a standard program instead of an antivirus program.

Disable Avast Antivirus From The System Tray

It could be a risky move to remove Avast from the background program. If you are not sure and only wish to stop Avast from interrupting your activity, disable all of its shields feature.

To disable Avast shields, right-click on the Avast system tray icon, hover to Avast shields control, and select how long you wish to disable the shields. Finally, click OK on the confirmation window.

disable Avast shields

This technique has the same result as closing Avast. However, it keeps the program running, and you’ll simply turn it on again once everything is finished.

How to Turn Off Avast from Settings

1. Double-click the Avast IconYou so you can go to Avast Settings  

2. Go to Settings Button at the bottom of the new window.

3. Go to the componentsand so from the various choices, you would like to disable system shield, Mail shield and web shield, which is often the way to turn off Avast.

How to Turn Off Avast from Settings

As we have seen, The tips mentioned above in four different solutions give you how to exit avast! Very easy and simple.

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