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How To Delete Backup Files In Windows 10

by | Jan 10, 2021

How to delete backup files in windows 10

There are plenty of good reasons why you may need to have a backup of all of your data once something goes wrong, it’s will help you restore your files and system with very little to no data loss. Majorly, these backup systems are automatic in nature.

So Windows can fill up your drive with needless backup files and this will eventually be leading to finishing your backup storage space on the system. What are you able to do once there’s no space available on your backup storage disk?

The best possibility is to know how to delete backup files in Windows 10? And here, we are going to talk about many methods of deleting the backup files in Windows 10 easily!

Method 1: Delete Old Backup Files Using File History Cleanup

1. Press the keys “Win + R” in order to open you “Run” box.

2. Type the command “control” and then press the key “Enter” to open Control Panel Window.

3. click System & Security, then click on File History icon.


Filte History

4.Click on the Advanced settings link on the left side.


5. From Advanced settings go to “Cleanup Versions” link in the Versions section.

A new box called “File History Cleanup” pops up now.

6.  Select the time period of versions you want to delete “target time period of the files” followed by the “Clean up” Tab to process.


7. Upon completion of the cleanup you receive a pop-up alert. Click on the “OK” button to finish the process.

Once the backup clearance is successful, your window can prompt the success.

Method 2: Delete Old Backup Files Using Command Prompt

This technique is effective no matter wherever the computer file is stored be it the control panel or the external drive.

1. Press the Keys “Win+R” to open your “Run Box”.

2. In the Run box type out the “CMD” in order to the Command Page and Press “Enter”.

Execute the following command for the time period of versions you want to delete, and press Enter key.

All but the latest one

  • FhManagew.exe -cleanup 0
  • FhManagew.exe -cleanup 0 -quiet

Older than 1 month

  • FhManagew.exe -cleanup 30
  • FhManagew.exe -cleanup 30 -quiet

Older than 3 month

  • FhManagew.exe -cleanup 90
  • FhManagew.exe -cleanup 90 -quiet

Older than 6 month

  • FhManagew.exe -cleanup 180
  • FhManagew.exe -cleanup 180 -quiet

Older than 1 year (default)

  • FhManagew.exe -cleanup 365
  • FhManagew.exe -cleanup 365 -quiet
cleanup Cmd

If the cleanup completed successfully, click on OK.

Method 3 : Deleting Windows 10 backup with the built-in device tools to cleanup old version:

Step 1: Update & Security

First of all, go to the desktop and then click the START button. You will find SETTINGS there. You have to click it and go for the option UPDATE & SECURITY.

Step 2: Backup and Restore

Here, you have to search for the BACKUP page. After you get the BACKUP page, you will find a link named GO TO BACKUP AND RESTORE. You have to click that.

Step 3: Manage Space

Once you reach here, you will get several options. From the different options, you have to find the MANAGE SPCAE option. All you have to do is select it.

manage space

Step 4: Period vs. Image Deleting

After selecting it, you will see a new window named MANAGE WINDOWS BACKUP DISK SPACE there. After you see this window popped up in your PC, you will see two different options there to choose from. These options are provided so that you are capable of freeing up the disk space on the backup disk of Windows 10.

View Backups: Clicking on the “View Backup” link takes you to “Data File Backup”. From this you get to select the period for deletion of backups. Select the time frame and press “Ok” to continue with the process.

remove Backup

Deleting According to Period

All you have to do is choose the perfect period and then all you need is to wait for the files to get deleted. After selecting the period, select the DELETE button. It will remove the backed up filed manually to serve you more disk space!


Automatic Backup Files

Here, you will also be able to select the CHANGE SETTINGS button. The “change Settings” link helps you to cleanup backup storage space by bringing change to the windows data retention process. Windows 10, this allows automatic deletion of all old backups.

  • Windows will manage the space that is used for backup history. The maximum amount of space will be mentioned in this case.
  • Keeping the newest system image, backups will be deleted minimizing the space used for backup images.

Method 4: Deletion of Windows 10 Windows.old, the backup folder by Disk Cleanup method:

After upgrading to Windows 10, a backup folder named Windows.old will appear in the system disk. The Windows.old folder contains the system files and software installation files of the previous system version.

Step 1: Right-click on the system disk and select “Properties”.


Step 2: In the Properties window, click “Disk Cleanup”. Then go to “Clean up system files”.

disk cleanup

Step 3 : You will get a drop-down list from that. Select the option for “Files to Delete”.

You will get the option of files that are to be deleted. Check on the box that says, “Previous Windows Installation”.

Previous Windows Installation

Click on the “OK” option from the pop-up box to finish the cleanup process.

All these ways are one by one individually in guaranteed deletion of the backup files from Windows 10. However, once the backups ar deleted by these ways, restoring any old data or installation are not possible. These ways are only to be used once there are unnecessary backup data in your system or if you would like to free some space from the disc.

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