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How to Unbrick Your A95X MAX TV Box

by | Mar 9, 2021

unbrick A95X MAX

Table of Contents


The Story


Step 1. Software Requirement


Step 2.How to boot the A95X MAX box if it is broken


Step 3. How To communicate with the A95X MAX using UART interface


The Story :

After Installing a SuperSu in my A95X MAX Tv Box, the box didn’t want to reboot, then i did manage to flash a custom rom using the SD card method, but then i didn’t know that this will break my Box, doing so my box was dead no boot logo no usb connection to the PC and Amlogic Burning Tool nothing !

After days of try and fails and asking in forums i did learn how to unbrick my A95X MAX TV Box and now my box is fully functional with the stock rom flashed inside 🙂

Here is how to unbrick your A95X MAX TV Box:

 Step 1.  Software Requirement :

First of all let talk about what we need to make this hapens, first we need tool to unpack our stock img file.

The tool name is  AMlogic Customs Tools, you can download this pack of tools from this awesome developper, then the only tool you need is the AMlogic Customs Tools it an amlogic img file unpacker.

 After opening the tool click unpack and search for the stock *.img of this box inside your computer, then check level 1 unpack only, after the unpack finishes go to tmp folder inside the Amlogic tools and then in folder level1 you will find a list of file with .PARTITION extension.

You should rename those .PARTITION extension to .img extension files, and that it for the software part.

Step 2.How to boot the A95X MAX box if it is broken :

If you are like me, then you shouldn’t have any bootloader, kernel, system or boot inside your A95S MAX box, and that mean it totally dead.

So to revive it we need a bootloader to boot our box with so we can flash it.

To do so we need to download the boot.img, after that download the Win32 Disk Imager (Windows), put a micro SD card inside your computer the flash the boot.img with this tool.

Step 3. How To communicate with the A95X MAX using UART interface:


If your box is dead, meaning you can’t connect it to a PC or you can’t flash it with a USB or SD card.

Then you need a USB to UART bridge, before booting your A95X MAX box, you need to plug this USB adapter to your computer install the necessary drivers from the seller. make sure the device is detected and listed as COM serial port in device manager.

Open putty, set the COM port number you have in the device manager then open the connection, at first you will sea black terminal with nothing .

We put the SD card we flashed in the previous section, then connect the UART interface to the UART interface of the box :

uart A95X max

After connecting the UART interface from the box to the PC using the adapter, whe can power the box now.

You will start seeing some text that shows into the putty console, to stop it press the ENTE key.

Now you are inside the U-Boot console, remove the SD card the format it FAT32 and load all the .img

files we did upack from first section plus the kernel.img, plug the SD card to the Box again and type

the following :

We will use the command sdc_update- Burning a partition with image file in sdmmc card

sdc_update uboot u-boot.bin

sdc_update boot boot.img

sdc_update kernel kernel.img

sdc_update bootloader bootloader.img


We will do so for every img we have inside the SD card using this template:

sdc_update X X.img

were X is the file name inside the SD card.

After flashing all the files, disconnect the UART the Power and the SD card.

Plug the HDMI cable then power the BOX and Voila!

Congratulation you just learned how to unbrick your A95X MAX TV Box.

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